Now that the Fall TV season is upon us, networks are showing off premieres of their brand new shows, including ABC's "Ten Days in the Valley." The mystery thriller features Kyra Sedgwick as Jane Sadler, a TV writer who suddenly lives a nightmare when her daughter disappears. Sedgwick, who was last seen showing off her comedic chops in FOX's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," is taking on a more serious role with Jane, who the actress describes as "a real mother." Here's what she had to say about playing Jane.

Kyra Sedgwick on playing 'authentic' characters

The 52-year old Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award-winning actress opened up about her latest TV project, "Ten Days in the Valley," in which she plays a busy working mother whose daughter suddenly goes missing in the night.

Kyra Sedgwick opened up about how the show reflects the real-life struggles of women who society expects to be able to do everything on their own. She shared, "It’s so important to talk about, in any venue you can, that women are supposed to have it all. They’re supposed to be able to do everything, and do everything well, and that the truth is everyone’s reaching for something, whether it’s TV, or online shopping, or booze, or weed, or whatever, and most of us are coping in the best way we can."

Jane Sadler may be an alcoholic

In the trailer for "Ten Days in the Valley," viewers are introduced to Jane Sadler, a hard-working writer for a TV series who turns to alcohol to deal with her work struggles.

This comes into play when her child goes missing in the middle of the night and everyone suddenly becomes a suspect, including her ex-husband and co-workers. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje plays John Bird, the detective who's in Jane's case to find her missing daughter, Lake.

Sedgwick hit back at critics who questioned if Jane was a good mother, having let her daughter disappear in the middle of the night.

She admitted that people are mostly "ready to shame the women," unlike when fathers sacrifice their lives and safety for their children, like Walter White in "Breaking Bad" did.

Woman are made 'guilty' by their choices

"Ten Days in the Valley" star Kyra Sedgwick also opened up about how women are made to feel guilty about going to work while child-rearing.

She said that it's one of the things that make Jane Sadler truly "relatable." She admitted to Bustle that she's "in the business of playing authentic people and real people," which is why they wanted to keep Jane as "authentic" as possible. The show airs on ABC every Sunday at 7 PM.