Weeks after her wedding with David Eason, Jenelle Evans once again faced pregnancy rumors. The said rumor started after she shared a SnapChat video wearing a bikini. Many observed that she has a rounded tummy. Aside from that, more rumors about her alleged pregnancy started milling around the web when her wedding photos were posted.

Some followers of the "Teen Mom 2" star observed that there is a little bulge on her tummy. One commenter said that if she is not pregnant, she doesn't know what it is. Another one said that she is sure that Jenelle is once again pregnant.

But is she?

Jenelle speaks out

Well, the rumors will finally rest now that Mrs. Eason revealed the truth. On Twitter, one user with Twitter handle @messymesshonk tweeted saying, "It's not my tea to spill, all I know is that she's pregnant," the user wrote about Jenelle.

But the star wasn't having it and immediately fired back. She tweeted saying "I have Mirena, sorry to burst your bubble." This response will no doubt shut down all the speculations about her pregnancy. Jenelle already clarified that she does not have a child once again.

For those who are unaware of what Mirena is, it is a hormone-releasing IUD which is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for up to five years. This manifest that Jenelle will not be pregnant as long as she has Mirena.

Once she decides to have a baby, she can have it removed.

Being involved in pregnancy rumors isn't new to Jenelle. Also, the star denied her previous pregnancies which means that she may deny it once again. However, it appears that her current claim is true since she previously said back in August that she and David agreed not have another kid.

No plans to have more kids

To recall, Jenelle and David revealed in a pre-wedding interview that they do not have plans to have kids anymore. The pair already has five kids with them, and it is obvious that their hands are already full. Adding another kid might be difficult for the newlyweds.

The star already has three kids wherein her eldest with her former boyfriend, Andrew Lewis, is 8-year-old Jace and her second son is three-year-old Kaiser, which she had with her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith.

Her youngest daughter Ensley is her only child with his husband, David. On the other hand, David also has two kids living with them, Maryssa and Kaden.

According to Cafe Mom, David said that they already have a lot of kids together and it is time-consuming. He added that they no longer have time for each time because of their hectic schedule in looking after the kids. With that, the two decided not to have another addition to the family.