"Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska has her hands full with a growing family, new husband, and of course, baby daddy drama. Chelsea's ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, who is the father of her oldest child, Aubree, has allegedly been slacking on his duties as a father and is continuing to use drugs.

Adam is 'depressed' and 'still using' drugs

According to a report from Radar Online, Adam Lind is in a bad place in his life. Sources tell the site that Adam is depressed for many reasons, and his life may be crumbling around him. As many "Teen Mom 2" fans may remember, Adam failed a court-ordered drug test after testing positive for meth.

Soon after his girlfriend moved out, an insider now says that Lind is "depressed and still using" drugs.

Lind neglects time with his two daughters

The source went on to say that Adam Lind hasn't been setting up any time to see his youngest daughter, Paislee, whose mother is Adam's ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur. Meanwhile, he "hardly" ever sees Aubree either. "Teen Mom 2" fans know that Chelsea Houska has an agreement in place that Aubree will go to Adam's parents' house every other weekend, and if Adam wants to see his daughter, he must do so at his parents' house.

However, Aubree has been seen telling her mother on the MTV reality series that when Adam does come around, he's usually sleeping and that he doesn't play with her very often.

Chelsea has spoken out about the situation on the show multiple times, often shedding tears for her daughter's situation. She is very grateful for her husband, Cole DeBoer, who has taken over the role of Aubree's dad on a daily basis, even accompanying her to the father/daughter dances at her school.

Chelsea and Maci are dealing with the same issues

"Teen Mom 2" viewers haven't seen Adam Lind on the show at all this season, and that is because he has refused to be filmed. Adam says he's done with the MTV franchise, which would likely question him about his drug use, failed drug test, and the lack of time he's been spending with his daughters.

Sadly, Adam isn't the only "Teen Mom" dad to have a drug problem. Fans watched as Maci Bookout's ex, Ryan Edwards, appeared very high on the show and even got behind the wheel of a car while under the influence. Chelsea recently spoke out about Maci's situation on an episode of the reality show, and it seems that the two moms have a lot in common when it comes to dealing with their baby daddy's drug issues. However, Ryan went to rehab and is reportedly doing much better.