This week's episode of "Superstore" season 3 is set to bring more laughs as Jonah (Ben Feldman) runs into an ongoing robbery at Cloud 9. NBC just released a clip of the hilarious moment when Jonah walks by the cash room and encounters a thief bagging some serious cash from a vault.

Jonah tries to prevent the thief from leaving but asks Jonah if he has a gun. Jonah says he doesn't, so the thief just walks. Unsurprisingly, Dina (Lauren Ash) arrives and saves the day just as Jonah was heading out to run after the thief. Dina throws herself onto the thief and catches him after barking at Jonah to call the cops.

According to USA Today, this causes tension among Cloud 9 employees, pitting Dina and Jonah against each other. Because of the theft, Glenn (Mark McKinney) is forced to fire the security guard, a task that he can't quite carry out, given his soft, good-natured self. Meanwhile, Amy (America Ferrera) finds that her co-workers have been all hanging out without her, causing her to question if they've all been avoiding her since her divorce.

Jonah is not down to fight

In another promo from SpoilerTV for this week's episode of "Superstore" season 3, viewers get to see Dina challenge Jonah to a fight. He calmly tells Dina that he's not fighting her, which Dina responds to, "Why, because I'm a woman? Because if you were really a feminist, you'd punch me in the face."

Dina's passion for her job has been evident since day 1, and actress Lauren Ash opened up about playing that kind of character with Gotham Magazine earlier this year.

She admitted that Dina is "someone who is just taking things way too seriously and is way too passionate for no apparent good reason."

Lauren Ash on identifying with Dina

Before the NBC comedy, Lauren Ash starred alongside Rebel Wilson in "Super Fun Night" as tennis instructor Marika. In "Superstore" season 3, she returns as Dina, the tough supervisor who keeps Cloud 9 employees in line.

Ash told Gotham Magazine last year that like Dina, she also has "a passion for following the rules," but doesn't take it to a "militant extent" like Dina does. This year, Dina will once again suit up as a sexy cop for the Halloween episode, which is coming soon.

Last year, Dina sported the same outfit, shocking Cloud 9 employees.

Ash admitted that she was "over-the-moon excited" about wearing the costume. In fact, the producers liked it on her so much that she's reusing that costume this year. "Superstore" season 3 airs on NBC on Thursdays at 8 p.m.