Supergirl season 2 ended at a disruptive note. It was revealed that Krypton had sent a mysterious, poisonous baby to Earth. The cult-like group had promised that it would soon “reign” on Earth. Little did the fans know, this was actually a reference to the villain of the third season. “Reign,” is a character created by Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar of DC Comics. The character has made limited appearances in different comics but has never received a full-focused segment on herself.

Who is Reign?

According to a report by Den Of Geek, Reign is a part of the “World killers” group.

The group consists of five members in total and she is one of them. These members are genetically engineered to carry out mass murder. They extremely manipulative and skillful. In the comics, Reign has tried to persuade Kara to join her in the destruction of the world. But Kara emerges stronger than that and proves Reign as being unsuccessful at her villainous attempt. In “Supergirl season 3, she is expected to be introduced as the “Last Daughter of Krypton.”

What will be her interpretation in “Supergirl” season 3?

Reign has made very few appearances in the comics. Therefore, the writers have a lot of room for the character’s interpretation in the series. This is the first time that the character is making her small-screen debut.

The directors of “Supergirl” feel that Odette Annable is “perfect” for the role of Reign. The executive producer of the show, Robert Rovner was reported by Den of Geek as saying that Reign is the kind of villain that they have never had on “Supergirl” before. According to him, she is embedded with particular agendas and unless she achieves them, she won’t rest.

This is where Annable takes the lead and starts to describe the character that she is playing. The actress says that Annable is very different than the other characters (like Kara and Clark) who have been bio-engineered. Her main motive is not to kill people. She wants to conquer the world due to other “personal reasons.” These reasons will be revealed with time in the show.

Annable feels that the audience will be able to “resonate” with the villain this time. The actress feels that one may not necessarily side with villains but it always makes sense to see “why they do what they do.” “Supergirl” season 3 is going to premiere next year. The exact date hasn’t been announced as of yet. Fans have to wait a bit more for the show.