Actress Ariel Winter shot to fame after appearing on hit TV show, “Modern Family.” She played the role of Alex – a nerdy teenager. There have been many changes in the actress ever since her mainstream debut. According to Hollywood Life, the celebrity is known to flaunt her curvy body through revealing outfits. She is pretty active on social media platforms like Instagram, where the actress occasionally makes posts. Just like any other celebrity on social media, Ariel has also received her share of hate/negative comments from her followers.

She has finally spoken on the matter by saying that she has had “enough of it.”

Ariel on her dressing statement

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Ariel said that the Internet Trolls need to “get a life.” The actress is often shamed for the kind of clothes she wears. But none of these opinions seem to matter to Ariel. She expressed her pride in her body. Despite the trolls shadowing negativity in her life, she will continue to show her body off. The Hollywood Life report quoted an insider as saying that Ariel is trying to ignore as many haters as she can. At the same time, there are many occasions when these criticisms affect her mindset, the insider reveals. But she doesn’t let these things affect her for too long.

According to Gossip Cop, Ariel won’t stop posting photos on her account. She works very hard to be in the shape that she is in today. She feels amazing to be her skin, the insider further added. Ariel shared a video on her working out on Instagram. The video consists of one million views. The comment section, however, contains different types of feedback from her followers.

Some of them accuse her of being an attention seeker. While others feel that she is sending an inspiring message to her fans.

Photoshoot for LePalme Magazine

According to Daily Mail, the actress recently appeared in a photoshoot for LePalme Magazine, which took place at The Hollywood Castle in Los Angeles. She can be seen wearing a plunging red-colored dress.

She was being photographed by Mike Rosenthal, who was further accompanied by creative director (of the magazine), Derek Warburton. The dress featured puffy sleeves. Winter paired it up with black strappy heels. The LePalme issue with Ariel Winter as its cover will come out this fall. Meanwhile, “Modern Family” season 9 is currently being aired. With roughly 4 episodes down, Ariel Winter as “Alex” has graduated and shifted to college on the show.