The “Steven Universe” panel at the New York Comic Con was definitely a big treat for the fans. Creator Rebecca Sugar went on stage together with cast members Zach Callison (Steven Universe), Grace Rolek (Connie), Deedee Magno (Pearl), Tom Scharpling (Greg Universe), and Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) to share new details on the upcoming season. Together with the previous information revealed by the creator, here is everything we know about “Steven Universe” season 5.

The consequences of their actions

The first few episodes of “Steven Universe” season 5 ended with a massive cliffhanger.

Lars stayed in Homeworld with the Offcolors after being resurrected by Steven who went back to earth. According to creator Rebecca Sugar, the remaining episodes will answer a lot of questions from the first episodes. In their NYCC panel, Sugar stated that Lars and Steven’s action will have major consequences in the story. The creator didn’t specify what will happen, but it is something fans could expect to look for in season 5.

Staying in space will have Lars and the Offcolors to think about ways to survive. To defend themselves, Lars will get a hold of a ship that will be piloted by the Offcolors. In one of the teaser clips, Lars will be visited by Connie and Steven. The two will arrive in the middle of a fight between Lars and an angry captain introduced as Emerald.

As it turns out, the ship was originally hers and Lars and his crew stole it from her.

Despite his success in space, Lars loved ones are worried for him. A Season 5 teaser trailer shows us Sadie’s sadness about Lars whereabouts. This gives us a confirmation that the girl knows why he’s really missing.

Another character said to go missing in the coming season is Lion.

It wasn’t specified how Lion will go missing but at some point this season, the resurrected animal will disappear.

Steven has to look inside himself

Aside from the result of their escape, the rest of the “Steven Universe” season 5 will also focus on Steven’s character development. At this point in the story, Steven needs to face himself.

According to Sugar, Steven has to come to terms with the fact that he can’t be Rose Quartz. Now that the stakes are higher, he needs to think about himself as he cannot be someone else.

We see the start of this realization at the sneak peek of “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 4,“Dewey Wins.” In the preview, Connie and Lion are seen clearly upset about Steven’s lack of concern for himself. Connie even points out how quickly he gave himself up to the enemy without even putting up a fight. He answers in his usual manner which upsets her more.

Steven Universe” will be back for its 5th season this winter on Cartoon Network.