Shannon Beador of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" is speaking out and saying that she is really upset about the weight she has gained. Everyone has seen her talk about on the show this season, but she is getting very candid now. E! Online shared what Shannon has to say now. She won't be holding back at all on tonight's episode.

Shannon turns to her mom for advice

On tonight's new episode of the show, shannon beador will turn to her mom for advice about all of the weight she has put on. As everyone saw last season, Shannon and David have had their marriage problems.

They are trying to make it work now, but she has put on a lot of weight and this is causing even more issues. She has shown on the series that she tries to cook healthy meals, but the girls are tired of her fixing the same thing all of the time. She is too far away from Tamra Judge's gym to work out with her friend every day, but that would really help her if she had that option.

Shannon speaks to her mom tonight and tells her that she knows David is "disgusted" by her now. She says that she doesn't even know how she gained all of the weight and she went on to say that she feels "shitty" about herself now. She has made it clear that this is all hard on her. Shannon has been trying to lose weight but has already shared that it is a slow process for her.

Shannon explains her thoughts

Shannon will even admit that she is having problems when she looks at herself in the mirror. She will tell herself that this is the reason that David and she are growing apart. The thing Shannon seems to forget is that he cheated on her before she put on all of the weight. It turns out that Shannon's dad also cheated on her mother in the past.

Right now, it really does sound like David and Shannon's marriage is falling apart. Kelly Dodd of "rhoc" already shared that she is getting a divorce from her husband. Hopefully, Shannon and David don't end up calling it quits as well. It wouldn't surprise fans if they decided to call it quits, but for now, everyone is just waiting to see what happens with these two.

Are you surprised by what Shannon Beador has to say about her weight gain? Do you think that she will take it all off before next season? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" on Monday nights on Bravo. This is when everyone will see Shannon talk to her mom about the issues with her marriage since she has gained so much weight.