Over 70 candidates participated in the national costume competition of Miss Grand International at Sun Spa Resort in Quang Binh on October 12. There were some ladies who stood out from the rest in the show that took place in Vietnam.

Unlike the national costume shows in other pageant events, the version of Miss Grand International played different musical pieces native to the countries where the candidates came from. Each of the ladies did not just walk on the runway but also made body movements to highlight the creations.

Panama’s attire was inspired by a colorful bird from the country.

Andrea Torres wore huge feathered wings, skirt, and footwear that resembled the animal. The design also had a very festive mood in appearance.

Meanwhile, Caroline Venturini from Brazil turned into a sea goddess. Her dress featured the colors of the sea – aqua, green and blue. She also carried a long scepter.

Dominican Republic’s Surahai Reyes looked regal in her outfit made with a huge cape featuring the colors of her country’s flag. She also brought a scepter which was designed with horns on top. Ecuador’s national attire was inspired by one of her region’s ethnic groups.

Giant beer glass

Juliane Rohlmann of Germany chose to surprise fans by showcasing her renowned beer festival in this European country.

She carried a giant glass of beer while wearing traditional attire.

On the other hand, Japan’s Erika Tsuji took inspiration from the famous video game, "Super Mario Bros" She was a female Super Mario in her blue jumper skirt, red shirt, long white socks, stilettos and a headdress that was printed with the first letter of Mario’s name.

The candidate from the United States dressed up as Wonder Woman in her national attire. Wales’ dress largely resembled one of the floral outfits worn in Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Story of their countries

Elizabeth Clenci from the Philippines received one of the loudest cheers from the audience when she paraded her dress.

Hers was an ethnic costume from one of the Southern tribes in her country, Rappler reported. Meanwhile, Thailand’s Premika Pamela went for a combination of pop culture and nature. She first sported a silk robe printed with vernacular text. Then, she revealed a sexy white attire.

The candidates from Indonesia and Laos decided to turn their costumes to their nation’s famous attractions. Indonesia featured a miniature city on the skirt of her dress. Laos’ representative showcased a golden temple on her piece.

The Best In National Costume winner will be announced at the final show which will be held in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Current titleholder Ariska Pertiwi from Indonesia will crown the next winner on October 25.