Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were reportedly spending their romantic weekend during a trip to Miami, and eventually, to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last weekend. The rumored couple was spotted in a cozy and fun-filled vacation. A source recently told E! News that both Scott and Sofia took a private jet in order to visit their friends, David Einhorn and Cooper Mount, in the locale.

Both reportedly stayed with the "Girls Gone Wild" founder, Joe Francis, in the Casa Amara. Both spent their romantic Sunday in the poolside while listening to some good songs.

Relaxing and hanging out

Scott and Sofia were spotted spending the weekend relaxing and hanging out by the pool. Both had their massage from the staff where they also enjoyed served drinks and chips. They were out most of the time as they spent time with each other.

During the night, Scott and Sofia were seen sitting on a fire pit while having a chef to prepare the foods for them. Another source told E! News that the couple seemed to have the best time of their lives in Puerto Vallarta. Both seemed to be very happy and affectionate to each other.

It was not the first time for the rumored couple to display romantic gestures in public. However, it was one of the best getaways were Scott and Sofia constantly wrapped their arms toward each other.

More than just a hug, the couple reportedly kissed each other a lot.

Couple photos together

While enjoying their romantic and fun-filled vacation, Sofia also shared their romantic photos on the social media.

The couple posted numbers of photos which made their relationship Instagram official.

Scott, on the other hand, shared a picture of his partner while she sits on his lap. On the caption, he wrote, "Surfs up bruh." The couple also shared a picture of their legs being interlocked while sitting on a sunset. Sofia captioned the photo, "Bubba."

The couple started to spark Romance news when their photos getting close to each other surfaced the social media in May, during the Cannes Film Festival.

However, both denied the speculations and remained mum about the news.

After denying the news, Scott and Sofia finally confirmed their romance last week when they were both seen taking their romance in public. Several photos and videos of them emerged online where it featured the couple kissing and cuddling at each other. E! News confirmed that the couple seemed to be very inseparable and is enjoying each other's company a lot.