Joe and Kendra Duggar just got married, but the couple is already dealing with Rumors that a baby could be on the way. The Hollywood Gossip shared why fans think that Kendra and Joe could already be expecting their first child together. The Duggar Family always waits until they are married to even kiss, so you know that she wouldn't be pregnant before the wedding. The Duggar family doesn't even hold hands until they are engaged.

Why the rumors started

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth announced that she was pregnant not long after she got married. There were rumors at one time that they skipped their honeymoon, but it has been confirmed since then that the couple went to Athens, Greece and it looked like they were having a great time together.

Some people thought that they might have stayed home to try and get pregnant, but there is really no reason that they can't do that on their honeymoon together.

Kendra Caldwell Duggar recently talked about why she loves being married so much. She said, "One of the most enjoyable things about being married to Joe is just being together so much. I can hug him, kiss him, talk with and be with him all the time. Being with your best friend makes marriage amazing." When the Duggars are courting, they don't even spend time alone so that they can keep from anything happening. They are very careful so getting to kiss each other and do things on their own is a big thing for them once they get married.

Being alone is all new to them where other couples are used to having that already.

Could she be pregnant already?

Obviously, Joe and Kendra could already be expecting a child. They have been married for a little bit and waited to start having sex until after marriage. As long as she doesn't have any problems conceiving, it wouldn't be surprising at all if the couple ends up pregnant very soon.

It does sound like Joy-Anna and Austin got pregnant right after the wedding because due to the posts he has been sharing it sounds like she is 18 weeks pregnant now. It would be great if Kendra and Joy-Anna ended up being pregnant at the same time. There are a lot of kids all close to the same age in the Duggar family already.

Do you think that Joseph and Kendra Caldwell are already expecting their first child together? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss the new episodes of "Counting On" when they air on Monday nights on TLC. If Joe and Kendra do have a baby on the way, you know that they will announce it with People and on the show.