The new and third episode of Riverdale” Season 2 has finally revealed huge progress in its quest to find a man who has been wreaking havoc in town lately. A lot of things went down in the latest episode, but nothing compared to the huge lead that came up with regards to the unidentified gunman.

The final episode of the first season of “Riverdale” left off with Fred Andrews getting fatally shot by a suspected robber at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. Fred barely lived through the horrible experience, and Archie Andrews was left traumatized.

Riverdale’s gunman strikes again… or not?

Somehow, Archie and Jughead Jones weren’t convinced that it was a simple robbery. The two best friends clearly had reasons to doubt the situation, and it seems like their hunches were right.

Shortly after the incident at Pop’s place, the masked robber struck again. This time, he went after Ms. Geraldine Grundy and brutally killed her.

The recent victims, who were both related to Archie, had led the ginger teenager to assume that the masked perpetrator was out to get him, and this made him paranoid. However, in the previous episode, Moose Mason and Midge Klump became the next victims.

The two luckily got out of the shooting incident alive, but Moose was hospitalized after getting shot at for protecting Midge.

Archie reached out to the two and asked for the description of their attacker.

Unfortunately, their description of their attacker didn’t match up to Archie’s gunman. According to Midge and Moose, the person who shot them in the woods wore a hood instead of a self-made mask, and instead of the green eyes Archie remembered, he had blank Devil’s eyes.

With things getting out of hand, a series of unfortunate incidents took place again. Kevin Keller almost met a dangerous encounter in the woods, and Ethel Mudge was followed by a suspicious black vehicle.

To make things worse, someone called Black Hood sent an anonymous letter to Alice Cooper, claiming he was the one who killed Ms.

Grundy and shot Fred, Midge, and Moose. The letter also explained why he targeted those four, and they were mostly because of the immoral acts they committed.

The letter included Fred’s wallet and Ms. Grundy’s sunglasses, which led Alice to believe that the letter was real. Upon finding out about this information, the Mayor demanded a media blackout, but Alice went ahead and printed out the letter for the next issue’s headlines.

Archie turns into a vigilante

The recent turn of events in “Riverdale” Season 2 Episode 3 drove Archie to take drastic measures. The situation escalated, and people he knew were getting attacked one by one.

As revealed in last week’s episode, Archie gained a gun from Dilton Doiley to prepare for whatever he was planning to do.

Sick and tired of having to rely on the authorities’ slow progress, Archie initiated a neighborhood watch with his young friends.

As if things weren’t scary enough, Archie recorded a video with his new group of watchers called The Red Circle behind him, wearing red masks. The video was released to challenge, and most likely to provoke the Black Hood, telling him that they were prepared to hunt him down, and put an end to the senseless violent acts.