One of the most frequent collaborators of Harvey Weinstein, Quentin Tarantino, has confirmed that he has heard whispers of the abuse and harassment that his former producer has done to several actresses over the years. He has said that his knowledge of the rumors involving Weinstein dated back to the latter’s years heading Miramax.

Quentin Tarantino acknowledged that he first heard about the allegations when his former girlfriend, Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino, told him about unwanted advances Harvey Weinstein has made on her. It is said that the former Miramax head massaged her without asking and showed up at her apartment late at night.

At the time, Tarantino thought that what happened was only an isolated incident. But then another unidentified actress confirmed to her that she was also harassed by Harvey Weinstein. He also heard about the settlement Weinstein made with actress Rose McGowan.

Quentin Tarantino said that while he has heard of a few rumors here and there, he did not immediately act on it because he thought that they were unconfirmed. He says that the fact that he has not done enough is something that he deeply regrets.

Tarantino’s call to action

He called on actors and actresses to seize the moment and deliver a change in the system Hollywood is operating on. He also encouraged others who knew more stories to come forward.

Tarantino’s confession comes weeks after the alleged sexual abuse and harassment perpetrated by Weinstein was revealed to the world. In the days since Weinstein has been booted out of The Weinstein Company. His lifetime memberships in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Producers Guild of America have also been revoked.

Tarantino’s work with Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein was instrumental to the success of Quentin Tarantino. His biggest critical and commercial hit “Pulp Fiction” was championed by Weinstein when he was still the head of Miramax on its way to a Palme d’Or win at the Cannes Film Festival and several Oscar nominations.

Barely more than a week before the controversy erupted, Harvey Weinstein was still seen hanging out with Quentin Tarantino.

He hosted an engagement party for Tarantino and his fiancé, Daniella Pick, in New York City. Weinstein was said to be the one who picked up the tab for the party. Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Harvey Keitel were in attendance.