Fox has still yet to announce the premiere of "New Girl" Season 7, but due to the fact the series showed a massive fall in ratings during season 6, many are curious if the final season is going to give a full-blast finale to its viewers or not.

As to how the series creators will sketch the entire season 7 in a way that will ensure a satisfactory ending and appeal to the audience, remains a mystery, as the network has not released much information as yet. They have only made the announcement about its continuation for season 7 and been sparse with more details.

Following the finale episode of "New Girl" season 6, which ended in April this year, the talks about the network's decision in renewing the series for its 7th installment had been on hold for several months. This left many fans thinking that it was already an end-game for the show.

What we can expect

The official plots, final casting and release date are yet to be revealed. However, the predictions suggest that the final season is going to focus more on the lives of the main characters Jess (Zooey Deschannel) , Nick (Jake Johnson) Winston (Max Greenfield), Winston Leondre (Lamorne Morris), and Cece (Hannah Simone), respetively.

The finale episode of season 6 was a total wrap for Nick and Reagan's relationship, but it has also brought the idea of a new beginning for Jess and Nick's potential romance in the future.

On the other hand, the season 6 finale also ended with Cece and Schmidt expecting to become parents, putting themselves in a new journey and welcoming more responsibilities to their respective lives, as per NME.

The news site also quoted Deadline's report, saying "I hear Season 7 would feature major milestones for all main characters over the period of one year, including a big one in the series finale."

While many are still rooting for their favorite love birds to bloom in "New Girl" season 7, all the details about what's next in the upcoming season have remained fuzzy until now.

The final season could be a get together reunion for the cast members

Though the show runners have yet to confirm if all of the former cast members will return for the final season, rumor has it that "New Girl" season 7 can be a get together reunion for all the cast members from season 1 down to the last book of the series.

Meanwhile, the official number of episodes have not been confirmed yet, but earlier reports have claimed that season 7 is going to come out with a total of 8 episodes only. As for the premiere date, the exact date has not been confirmed yet but many believe that it will return to the television screens sometime in 2018.