Joe Jonas, the 28-year old singer, is reportedly engaged to the "Game of Thrones" actress, Sophie Turner. On Sunday, the couple made their engagement official by sharing a new Instagram photo to their millions of followers online. On the caption, Jonas wrote, "She said Yes."

Meanwhile, the 21-year old Turner took to Instagram and posted the same snap of their engagement. The popular actress left a caption that says, "I said Yes." After sharing their official engagement to the social media, Jonas' brother was quick to leave a comment on his Instagram page.

The couple was congratulated not only by their families but by their avid followers as well.

Together since November

While the soon-to-be-married couple finally takes their relationship to the next level, a report from Entertainment Tonight confirmed that Jonas and Turner first sparked dating rumors back in November. Romance news about the couple raged online when both were spotted together at the Kings of Leon Concert in Netherlands.

It was believed that the couple has been enjoying each other's company since then. It was also reported that Jonas and Turner adopted their first puppy last month, and together, they named their pet, Porky Basquiat. While reporters spoke to Turner back in July, the "Game of Thrones" actress shared that her boyfriend is really a good man.

She further joked that Jonas is a good accessory.

Very serious relationship

While their engagement left everyone amazed over the weekend, a report from People confirmed that the musician is very serious about his relationship with the actress. Despite the fact that the couple had been tight-lipped about their romance for the previous months, Turner told reporters back in July that she's in a private relationship and is happy about it.

As she continued her statement, Turner added that she has never been happier today than she was in a long time. Perhaps, her boyfriend must have done something great for their relationship? Another source close to Jonas also told People that the musician was indeed ready to take their relationship to an all-new level.

It was also revealed that the "Game of Thrones" actress was way different from all other women who Jonas has dated in the past.

As the couple shared their exciting news with their followers, every one of them is excited and look forward to their upcoming wedding day. Despite all the attention, the couple seems to be quite comfortable with being a celebrity couple and Jonas and Turner were both happy to share their love for each other.