Meghan King Edmonds made quite the impression on her first season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," as she was the one who started the investigation into Brooks Ayers' cancer diagnosis. Brooks kept claiming that he had cancer, but King Edmonds didn't think that he was telling the truth. He kept saying things that didn't make sense. Meghan realized that he may be lying about cancer, as she had someone in her life who was dying from cancer at that time. This became a huge storyline on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and truly changed reality television.

However, it sounds like King Edmonds doesn't feel that Vicki Gunvalson has taken responsibility for her actions. According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now revealing that she hates people who thrive on being the victim. Perhaps she's referring to Gunvalson, who recently revealed that she felt she would die alone. On the show, Vicki opened up to kelly dodd about being worried that she would die alone. Meghan may have thought that Vicki was just saying this to get attention or sympathy from fans.

Playing the victim

Meghan isn't the first person who has called Vicki out for playing a victim. Gunvalson has revealed that she had nothing to do with the cancer scandal, so she doesn't feel the need to apologize.

Her co-stars believe that she knew more than she was saying, and the lack of understanding from her co-stars is allowing her to call herself a victim.

It is interesting that Meghan King Edmonds is calling Vicki an energy sucker.

She has previously revealed that they are no longer friends and she doesn't trust Gunvalson. While filming "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Meghan has revealed that while she can be cordial with her co-star, she doesn't trust her at all.

Fans point to Meghan's emotional state

Of course, it is odd that Meghan King Edmonds is calling someone an energy sucker.

Some of her co-stars would probably say the same thing about her, as she's emotional on the show. She's breastfeeding, she's lacking sleep, and her co-stars don't enjoy how she went after Kelly Dodd in a text message before the show started filming. When Kelly accused Jimmy of cheating on Meghan, she flipped out and broke down crying when some of her co-stars revealed that they understood where Kelly was coming from.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds' tweet? Do you think she's going after Vicki Gunvalson in her tweet?