Steven Avery’s lawyer has new claims about the Making a Murderer star’s case, and it looks like he is about to come clean. Kathleen Zellner revealed new explosive evidence that reveals his nephew Bobby Dassey is the one responsible for the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2005 and not him.

The defense attorney filed a new motion for reconsideration, so the Wisconsin court to give her client a chance for a new trial. Sheboygan County Judge Angela Sutkiewicz denied their first request for another hearing as it is said to be based on “manifest errors of law and fact” on October 3.

New motion for a new trial

The new 54-page motion Kathleen Zellner filed claimed that Teresa Halbach was still alive when he left Steven Avery’s land.

Zellner told Newsweek that the deeper they dig Avery's cast, the more evidence they see that prove he is innocent. The “Making a Murderer” star’s nephew, Bobby Dassey, whose testimonies were used against his uncle, has access to Halbach’s images, along with other violent and disturbing pornographic pictures of dead women.

Zellner explained that they are ready to do everything to prove the Netflix star’s innocence. They don’t care how long it will take, what it will cost them, or what kind of difficulties they have to face. She insisted that giving up on his case is like setting the real murderer free.

If ever Avery won’t be set free, she, too, said that the country’s justice system would prove its incompetence, indifference, and inflexibility to acknowledge this kind of mistake without trying to make it right.

New witness, evidence to prove Avery’s innocence

Meanwhile, Kathleen Zellner also claimed that the first trial didn’t give importance to the statement given by Bobb Dassey’s older brother, Bryan Dassey.

Bryan swore that he saw Teresa Halbach leaving Steven Avery’s land, alive. On the contrary, this was different to what Bobb had to say. Allegedly, Bobb last saw Halbach went to Avery’s trailer.

A new witness said that Halbach’s vehicle, which was a RAV4, was parked away from Avery’s place a day before it was seen on the grounds.

This, too, contradicted what Bobb said that her car stayed on his uncle’s property since she arrived.

Halbach’s former boyfriend, Ryan Hillegas, also held her day planner, which was said to be in her possession when she died. Also, the piece of a bullet, which was found on Avery’s land, that was said to enter and exit Halbach’s skull showed no “particles consistent with bone” after the forensic exam.

Lastly, Avery’s DNA that was found on the hood latch of Halbach’s car revealed that he had to open the latch for around 90 times to leave that huge amount of chromosome. This was said to be one of the key evidence against Avery that underwent forensic tests in the crime lab again.