Kathleen Zellner is now handling the controversial case of the Making a MurdererSeason 2’s star Steven Avery. Aside from focusing on the wrongful conviction, the 60-year-old attorney is also questioning the credibility of Ken Kratz.

The former Wisconsin prosecutor got hold of the murder convictions of Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey in 2007 over the murder of Teresa Halbach. He suggested two different courtroom narratives at the two’s murder trials and even decried accusations of extensive evidence planting by the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department.

Different kinds of violations

Steve Avery’s case is one of the biggest assignments Kathleen Zellner is holding now, as it will be seen in the continuation of “Making a Murderer” Season 2.

He is still serving a life sentence in prison, although he claims that he is innocent.

His new lawyer has filed post-conviction motions to overturn his verdict and give him a new trial. She then accused Ken Kratz of doing four separate Brady violations. It is a kind of violation when the trial denies the respondent’s side to give auspicious information.

Aside from that, she also criticized the true crime book by the former district attorney of Calumet County, Wisconsin, titled “Avery: The Case against Steven Avery and What ‘Making a Murderer’ gets wrong.” In fact, in an interview with Patch, Kathleen Zellner told the publication that she is now consulting defamation experts about the capability of their legal claim against him.

“He has no absolute immunity,” she said. She added that he is still free from the case, running free, and continuously executing defamation against her client. She even accused him of revealing false evidence to the press and that he has been doing it since 2006 through his fake press conference statements.

The book’s false information

Moreover, Kathleen Zellner has seen 13 incorrect points about Steven Avery in Ken Kratz’s “Avery: The Case against Steven Avery and What ‘Making a Murderer’ gets wrong.”

She confirmed that it was Teresa Halbach’s mother, Karen Halbach, who first reported about the disappearance of the photographer on Nov.

3, 2005, at 2:52 PM. This was contrary to Kratz’s claim that it was Mark Wiegert. This can be found on page eight to nine of the book.

Another one was when the police found “bullets” after Brendan Dassey gave his statement. Although Ken Kratz revealed that the empty cartridge wouldn't be seen if he didn't talk, Kathleen Zellner insisted that Steven Avery's nephew was just forced to give his testimonial.

In fact, his statement about the place where the murder occurred was inconsistent. The Seventh Circuit Opinion even noticed that the interrogators clearly compelled him to move the murder's location to the garage as they found no evidence in the trailer.