More and more names are emerging since Harvey Weinstein was exposed to multiple allegations of sexual harassment several days ago. In fact, the issue saw an increasing number of women coming forward to share their own experience with the movie mogul.

Ashley Judd and an unnamed employee were the first to speak up with the New York Times to recall what the producer did to them over two decades ago. Since the news came out, several other women, including celebrities, claimed they have been sexually harassed by the award-winning producer.

Hollywood actors respond to Harvey Weinstein scandal

Among those who have responded to the issue were Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, who recounted their "bad experience" with the "Shakespeare in Love" producer. Hollywood actors have also spoken up to condemn the movie mogul for his behavior towards women.

Ben Affleck took to social media to express his sentiments on the controversy. The actor said he is "saddened and angry" that the producer he has previously worked with have been using his power and influence to take advantage of women for sexual gain. It added that the act is "completely unacceptable" and said that he is looking for ways to make sure the this kind of incident does not happen to others.

The "Argo" star ended his post by commending those who have shared their own experience in the wake of the scandal. Although many were impressed of the actor for taking a stand on the issue, others were rather infuriated that the actor failed to evaluate himself for what he had done in the past before rebuking others.

Ben Affleck slammed for 2003 groping incident

Fans specifically pointed out an alleged groping incident that involved Ben Affleck and Hilarie Burton during a "Total Request Live" interview in 2003.

After the decade-old incident resurfaced online, Ben Affleck immediately responded and apologized to Hilarie Burton for his inappropriate behavior.

Following his apologies, a makeup artist, named Annamarie Tendler, claimed the actor allegedly made advances towards her at a Golden Globes party back in 2004.

Although she did not say anything after the encounter, the "Pin It" author shared that she has thought a lot about of what to tell Ben Affleck if she ever meets him at some point. Aside from that, Annamarie Tendler also wants an apology from the actor for the alleged sexual misdeed.

Meanwhile, the "Live By Night" star has yet to make a comment on these allegations at the time of writing.