This weekend, many of the "Teen Mom" stars traveled to Los Angeles to film the reunion special for "Teen Mom 2" and several of the original cast members from the first franchise were invited to Los Angeles to share their thoughts on some issues that had appeared on both franchises. During this time, Briana DeJesus got to spend some time with her new co-stars. But apparently things didn't go well, and she got into a heated argument with Leah Messer.

Apparently, much of the drama played out on social media and Leah was accused of being fake. But both Leah and Kailyn Lowry bonded over this on social media, leaving the new "Teen Mom" star out of it.

It sounds like fans are standing by the original girls, as many feel that Briana is just speaking out with the goal of creating drama.

Not mature

Even though Leah Messer tried to play it cool, it sounds like she still responded because she didn't want to be called fake. In addition, people who didn't like Kailyn before all the divorce drama started to like her simply because of Briana's rude comments. As one fan pointed out, DeJesus was just acting like a stupid little girl.

"I didn't really like Kail before, but since the whole Briana and Janelle throwing shades at Kail thing, I've got a bit more respect for her not retaliating. Grow up Briana, stupid little girl," the follower had written on Leah's picture of herself with Kailyn while in Los Angeles.

Sticking together

Even though the girls are saying that they are not turning their backs on Briana DeJesus, it sounds like they aren't exactly best friends either. Maybe Briana is just growing tired of the drama with these girls and she would like to just be able to say and do as she pleases. Sadly, this doesn't sit well with fans as they are used to the girls supporting one another when reports of gossip surface.

Just over the past couple of days, DeJesus has shared gossip articles about her co-stars on social media and fans are surprised that she would sink so low.

Maybe Briana feels she needs more respect, as she's been spotted with Javi Marroquin lately. While he claims they are definitely dating, she isn't so willing to speak out about the relationship.

In fact, it appears that she is denying that they are dating altogether.

What do you think about Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry bonding over the drama that the new "Teen Mom 2" star is bringing? Why do you think Briana is lashing out the way she is on social media?