Season 2 of “Lucifer” gave a glimpse at Lucifer’s relationship with his father when a man named Earl Johnson claimed to be God. We saw the father-and-son dynamic and the devil’s hatred for his dad. Season 2 never expanded this storyline and fans wondered if God would appear to Lucifer again. Showrunner Joe Henderson did not dismiss the possibility of dad’s return in season 3.

God appeared to Lucifer

In episode 16 of “Lucifer's” second season, Lucifer and Chloe investigate a murder at an insane asylum. The prime suspect is a man named Earl Johnson who also claims to be God.

At first, the devil is suspicious of Earl’s agenda. However, he realizes that Earl knows things that only his father can. Lucifer ends up believing that the suspect might be his dad.

In this episode titled “God Johnson,” Lucifer struggles with his feelings towards his father. He finally airs out his grievances against his dad. Meanwhile, Charlotte also reunites with her husband, thanks to Lucifer’s scheming. However, those who saw the episode knows what happened at the end. Lucifer found out that God manifested himself through Earl Johnson through a buckle from Uriel’s sword that ended up in the man’s belt. Earl returned to his normal self and got out of the asylum after the real murderer removed the buckle from his belt.

Dad returns in ‘Lucifer’ Season 3

Showrunner Joe Henderson is open to the idea of bringing back God in the series. In an interview with Assignment X, he said that he would love to bring back Timothy Omundson to the show as God Johnson. The creator complimented the actor for his portrayal and considered him family even though he only appeared in one episode.

“He took such ownership of the role in a way that few actors can,” Henderson said.

As to the possibility of Earl portraying God Johnson again, Henderson said he would love to explore that again in Season 3. The problem is Omundson’s availability since he is recovering from a recent stroke. Henderson hopes that he wants to return as soon as he recovers so they can further explore his character.

After all, episode 16 never fully revealed if Lucifer was with his dad at all. “I am hoping when he [Omundson] does, he wants to come back, because we love him and he had a great experience, but honestly, what we’ll do is, we’ll work around him, and that’s a testament to his skill,” Henderson added.

Tom Ellis hinted at God Johnson's return

Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer Morningstar, previously hinted at the return of God Johnson. He also teased at the appearance of other members of the family in "Lucifer" Season 3. With the third season already on air, only time will tell if we'll see the devil reunite with his father again.