Adrienne Bailon was attending the Cinefashion Film Awards in L.A. on Sunday, October 8. She was asked to comment on Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy rumors. Bailon immediately responded saying that she thinks that Kylie is ready to be a mother. According to a report by Radar! Online, the celebrity said that Kylie is “very mature” for her age. Bailon says that she feels Kylie knows what is best for herself. If she is serious about being a mother, then she has thought the entire situation through.

Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy

Kylie Jenner has been rumored to be pregnant for over two months now.

According to a report by US Magazine, Jenner is now five months pregnant. She is expecting her first child with boyfriend, Travis Scott. Her half-sister, Khloe Kardashian is reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. She is also rumored to be expecting the baby in February.

The sisters haven’t formally confirmed the pregnancies as of yet. Khloe however, has been photographed on several occasions with a slight pregnancy bump. She was pictured with her hand over her stomach as if attempting to hide the bump. Another one of the Kardashian sisters – Kim along with husband Kanye West -- are expecting their third child. They have taken to the method of surrogacy and are expecting a daughter in January of next year.

They decided to opt for surrogacy because Kim was warned that she might face a life-threatening situation if she tries delivering a baby for the third time. Her doctors forbade her from having a natural delivery due to health implications.

Bailon and Rob Kardashian's relationship current status

Coming back to Bailon, she had been dating Kylie’s half-brother – Rob Kardashian -- for two years.

They finally broke up back in 2009. According to a report by US Magazine, she admitted recently that Kourtney Kardashian helped her through the post-breakup phase. She went on to admit that the Kardashian sisters were “super helpful” to her when she was trying to get over Rob. She was reported as calling them great. Bailon has moved on since then.

She went on to date sock designer, Arthur George, and later married Israel Houghton in November of last year. She revealed her plans on settling down and having a family of her own. She said that she is extremely blessed to have Houghton in her life. No other information about this matter is provided by Bailon as of yet.