"Game of Thrones" season 8 will begin filming soon, however, recent reports claim that the production will be taking some time off from shooting to join Kit Harington and Rose Leslie on their wedding day, Telegraph reported.

The lovebirds, who played star-crossed lovers in the mega-popular series, have reportedly asked to postpone the production for their big day. During his recent appearance on the UK's "The Jonathan Ross Show" last Saturday, October 8, the 30-year-old actor talked about how he was able to convince the show's producer to pause the production for his impending wedding with co-star and soon-to-be wife, Rose Leslie.

Kit Harington requires everyone from his 'Game of Thrones' family to join them on their big day

Harington shared, "I rang (the producer) up and I said, 'I'm getting married, and it's your fault actually.

I think for the final season he is so stressed that he's reached that peaceful level."

The actor went on to say that all "Game of Thrones" cast needs to be present on their wedding day, so that means the series production has to shut down for a day.

While "GOT" fanatics could not hide the thrills for the final season, fans were quick to send out their congratulations to the couple. Moreover, the pair has only asked a day off the camera to celebrate the big day with their friends and family, so the delay wasn't a really big deal or impacting to the show's production.

Kit Harington pranks Rose Leslie: 'It didn't go down well'

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie had surprised fans of their sudden announcement that they are officially tying the knot soon.

Shortly after the engagement news made the rounds in the headlines, the reports further added that Leslie would leave Harington if he makes fun of her again.

Prior to their engagement announcement, the "Seventh Son" actor revealed to the "Jonathan Ross Show" that he threw an April fool's prank on Leslie by putting a replica of his head in the fridge.

In the viral video, the ginger-haired actress was seen getting some water from the fridge, and, as she opened the door, she stopped for a moment and screamed after realizing what she saw in the fridge.

The prankster can be heard giggling while taking a video of his victim, however, it seems that Leslie took the joke too seriously, so the prank ended with a threat. Rose Leslie has reportedly threatened his groom-to-be that she would dump him if ever he would do it again. Harington explained, "It didn't go down well.. After that, she was in tears."