Katy Perry wrapped up her latest performance at Madison Square Garden in New York this weekend. The pop star used the occasion to address the recent Las Vegas shooting that took place. According to a report by The Sun, the celebrity admitted at the event that 2017 had actually been a very bad year for everyone. She said that she wants to make sure her concerts serve as an escape for people. Her latest performance was a part of Katy Perry’s Witness World Tour. She told the audience that she wished the world could just be peaceful. She expressed her condolences to all those members who may have lost their loved ones at the tragic event.

Background of the incident

A us-based citizen named Stephen Paddock began firing at the attendees of a music festival in Las Vegas last week. According to a report by The Sun, the armed man had strategically fired shots at the public from his hotel room. About 58 people were killed at Mandalay Bay Hotel. More than 500 people were injured due to the bullets and panic that ensued afterward. It was one of the biggest mass shooting attacks in the US.

Katy Perry's take on Las Vegas shooting

US President Donald Trump and many other well-known personalities have expressed their disgust over this event. They have offered their condolences to all those going through pain because of this. With the objective to motivate the audience, Katy Perry said that she knows that the audience is much stronger than “that.” She said that no one has the ability to steal their joy.

She mentioned that they have all come together at Katy Perry’s concert to escape the horrors of the world and they would do so. She had performed at one of the events last Tuesday too. She told that crowd that she knows that it had been a tough day. Perry further added that music has a special healing power, which is magical.

It is magical enough to unite them, she had added.

Katy Perry further emphasized the importance of taking care of the community that is currently in need. She thinks that everyone needs to surround others with love so that they can help lift each other up. The world can lead to disconnection at times but it is music that truly unites everyone.

Music never leaves any place for fear, the singer added. Perry wore a golden outfit at her Madison Square Garden event. The stage was illuminated with different colors and impeccable performers. According to the Sun, onlookers said that she managed to put on quite a show after her speech.