Kailyn Lowry recently announced that she would allow her fans to reach out to her via a new app that connects people through videos, photos and even text messages. Of course, social media allows fans to reach out to Lowry, so she can communicate with her "Teen Mom 2" fans but this new app appears to do more. Lowry teased that fans could now reach out to her via text message, which could essentially mean that they can write to her personal phone. While her private phone number may not be shared with the world, it sounds like Kailyn can now receive her fans' text messages on her phone whenever she is.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now encouraging her fans to use the app and it seems to be an interesting move. Lowry is already dealing with crazy fans who can't seem to stay quiet about her relationship decisions, so it seems like a bad move to open herself up to more scrutiny. If this app allows people to text her directly, Lowry may not be able to look at her phone without seeing harsh and judgmental tweets about her new baby.

Will fans go crazy now?

It is possible that fans will go crazy now that they have this direct access to her.

Perhaps this kind of app isn't designed for Celebrities to talk to their fans but more for people who are trying to make plans with friends or perhaps save money on their phone bills. Surely, Kailyn doesn't want to wake up to see messages from fans about how she's a bad mother, mean comments about her baby, or how she cheated on Javi Marroquin.

On Twitter, the "Teen Mom 2" star is often facing some mean comments from fans and it can get downright outlandish. Some of the girls have received death threats, while others have been told they are ugly, mistakes, and how they should just disappear.

Opens herself up for more negativity

It is possible that Kailyn Lowry will face more criticism simply because she's choosing to open herself up to more drama.

People have already called her new baby, Lux Russell, for ugly and one person even pointed out that he looked like a monkey. While Kailyn has condemned this kind of behavior, there's no saying that people won't continuously say this about her or her baby in a text message. Some of the "Teen Mom 2" stars may never open themselves up to this kind of service, as they cherish their personal lives, the safety of their kids, and their own privacy.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's decision to speak out about this app? Do you think it's wise of her to encourage people to text her?