The latest updates and spoilers for "Justice League" will feature another clue for Superman's resurrection and black Kryptonian suit in the film's plot. Cast members Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher discuss the team's diversity in making the DC movie.

Black suit teased again

It seems that new details for Superman's return and his black Kryptonian suit in the "Justice League" have been revealed as SuperHeroHype posted a photo of their new "Superman Black Armor Justice League 39Thirty Fitted Hat" with a description depicting the Man of Steel's comeback to the DC Extended Universe.

According to the description, Superman's cinematic resurrection will parallel to the comics, and he will wear the iconic black armor during the League's fight with Steppenwolf. There is also a scene wherein Kal-El fights a Paradaemon in the Kent Family farm as fans speculated that they are looking for him or searching for something inside his home to complete their mission.

Batman and Wonder Woman formed the League to combat the threat of Apokolips from invading Earth. Joining them are The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg as they stop Steppenwolf and his forces from finding and retrieving the three Mother Boxes that Darkseid left during his first invasion of the planet.

Diversity in the film

Cast members Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher talked about the team's diversity in making the film as they told Empire Magazine (via ComicBookMovie) they were excited to add more representation for the characters in the film, making them feel unique and different from the rest of the heroes.

Fisher stated that Cyborg in the movie does not only represent African-American culture but he also the disabled people in the DCEU and telling the character's personal struggles and how he overcame them will give honor and respect to these individuals.

"You're dealing with the only member of the Justice League who is African-American.

You're dealing with the only member of Justice League who is some ways what some would say disabled," Fisher said. "You don't want to end up telling a story that isn't respectful to those factors.

As for Momoa, he told the publication that Arthur Curry's race was never a factor in the movie's plot and he has already impressed many fans for his take on the character.

The film gained positive feedback from the audience after they watched it during Warner Bros. Pictures secret test screenings. The movie is expected to follow the success of "Wonder Woman" or even surpass it at the box-office.