The latest updates and spoilers for the live-action "Justice League" movie revealed Cyborg's new origins story in the Dc Extended Universe. Twitter username CeddieRiccky posted a new promotional image of Cyborg that details the character's background and purpose in the movie.

Cast member Ray Fisher also talks about the bond between his character and Ezra Miller's Barry Allen in the movie and how their interesting dynamic will affect the film's plot and future storylines in the DCU.

What are the changes?

Cyborg has two major origin stories in the DC Universe, one from pre-Flashpoint and the other from the New 52 era.

In the pre-Flashpoint, Victor Stone was routinely experimented by his parents and one their results transported a monster from another dimension. They successfully took the down the monster, but Victor was severely hurt and his father, Silas Stone, revived him as a cyborg. The New 52 version had a similar approach, but the difference is that Victor was caught in an explosion caused by a Father Box from Apokolips, and his father saved him using the AMAZO chamber.

In the "Justice League" movie, Victor was severely injured in a car accident and Silas used the Mother Box to save his life and transformed him into a cyborg, The experience has scarred him for life and created a huge rift between him and his father.

Cyborg will play a huge role in the film as Steppenwolf and his forces invade earth to search and obtain the three Mother Boxes and transport the rest Darkseid's army on the planet. He is recruited by Batman and Wonder Woman to help fend-off the invaders along with The Flash and Aquaman.

Flash/Cyborg dynamic

Ray Fisher revealed an interesting detail about his character's relationship with Barry Allen in the "Justice League" movie as he told Geek Magazine that their friendship will be explored deeply in the story and other future DCU films.

"Barry has undergone a traumatic accident and that turned him into The Flash, which is something that bonds the two of these guys. I hope we get to touch on that," Fisher said. "In the future, the fact that accident that took Victor's body is basically a precursor to him getting his powers."

Both heroes are the youngest members of the league and their youth and inexperience will create an interesting dynamic with their older teammates. The movie also marks the return of Superman as he helps the team to stop Steppenwolf and his army.

The "Justice League" film will premiere on Nov. 17.