Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth may be desperately in love with her husband, Austin, but the star recently admitted that it wasn't always that way for the couple. The spin-off series to the Duggar Family's original TLC show, "19 Kids and Counting," called "Counting On," which focuses on the older Duggar children as they marry and have their own children, has been putting the spotlight on Joy-Anna and her husband for the past several episodes. The pair recently tied the knot in May of this year, and got to celebrate on television with a huge wedding special.

And while there are plenty of scandals and rumors following the newlyweds, they are keeping mum about the gossip that has followed them, particularly the rumor that Joy-Anna conceived their child before they got married.

Joy-Anna shares her thoughts on Austin

Joy-Anna may have been smitten with her husband when the pair got a little bit older, but she recently admitted that she wasn't particularly impressed with him with they first met. The couple have certainly known each other a long time; as they first met when she was five and he was eight. According to In Touch, she had the following to say:

"He didn't start coming to our house until about five years ago though; I didn't really like him," Joy-Anna confessed to a somewhat shocked audience.

The pair are now very much in love, with Joy referring to her man as her "best-friend."

"I love that he balances me out in so many ways," she said. "He has a very adventurous spirit, which pulls me out of my box a little bit."

Controversy over their relationship

Although Duggar fans tuned in by the score to watch Joy-Anna and her husband tie the knot, the pair have been at the center of lots of controversy.

Austin admitted that they did break a couple of courtship rules, which are enforced by the Duggar family. The pair confessed that they "stayed out" after curfew and talked almost all night, which was presumably online or via the telephone. They also did a full frontal hug, which is banned in Duggar courtship rules before the pair have officially tied the knot.

Others think that the pair may have broken one of the cardinal courtship rules: having sex before marriage. Joy-Anna announced that the pair are expecting in August, with a baby bump that looked much bigger than three months. She also stated that she felt her baby kick, though it is not common for mothers to be able to feel movement until later on in the pregnancy, leading some to believe she is further along than she is letting on.