"Teen Mom 2" star, Jenelle Evans, has faced so many rumors that she is expecting her fourth baby that she went on camera with Wetpaint to take a pregnancy test and prove she isn't expecting. However, the mom-of-three recently took a trip to Los Angeles with her husband, David Eason, and posed for a Snapchat photo that definitely made it look like she had a belly bump. Some fans speculate that the wind had been blowing Jenelle's shirt, especially since she appeared in a skin-tight wedding dress with a flat stomach less than a month ago. However, others say that she is definitely expecting her fourth child with her husband.

Is she pregnant?

Rumors began swirling that Jenelle was pregnant immediately after she released her save-the-date photos for her wedding. The photos themselves became controversial two weeks ago, when fans saw the behind-the-scenes on the photo shoot with her son, Kaiser, screaming and asking for his parents to feed him. But fans speculated that Jenelle and David were so quick to put their wedding together in their backyard because they wanted to be married before Jenelle started showing too much. The star appeared in a very tight dress for her wedding, however, some fans pointed out that she did have a bit of a pooch in her stomach area. The "Teen Mom 2" star just gave birth to her daughter, Ensley, less than a year ago, though, so it may be that she hasn't completely "snapped back" to her pre-birth body.

Done with the media

Whether or not Jenelle is pregnant, the "Teen Mom 2" star insists that being on the show has been hurting her family "mentally." She has accused the network of treating her and her family like "monkeys in a cage," saying that they don't even think she is human at times. Most recently, she was incredibly upset that her son was shown throwing a tantrum, saying the show was edited to "make her look bad." MTV denies this is the case, but other mothers on the series have also accused the production of "creative editing" either to make up drama or to make a storyline that isn't really there.

Some think that Jenelle leaving the show would be potentially dangerous for her and her family, as they suspect that the mother-of-three is being abused by her husband, David Eason. Fans also worry that her three children may be in danger of abuse by David and that his daughter from a previous relationship, Maryssa, may also be in danger of his anger. They are concerned that if these things happen on camera, that something even worse could be happening behind the scenes. Radar Online confirmed this information in a report.