Talk show host and activist Chelsea Handler has announced that she will not be proceeding in making “Chelsea” season 3 on Netflix as she previously planned. Handler, who is also an executive producer on the show, will instead be focusing on her activism as the United States prepares for the 2018 midterm elections.

If she continued in making “Chelsea” season 3, she would have been the host of one of the biggest global talk shows. But it seems Chelsea Handler has decided with finality.

The Trump effect

Handler said that the November 2016 elections and the ensuing chaos that happened not just in America but in the entire world opened her eyes to the many issues that people are facing.

She feels that it has “galvanized” her politically and made her realize that the results of next year’s election will be crucial to the future of everyone.

Chelsea Handler will be devoting much of her time in learning more and becoming a more responsible citizen. She plans to make a college speaking tour, where she will be meeting with other university activists.

She also wants to meet people all over the country that she does not “know enough about.” Additionally, she has pledged to work with the group Emily’s List in campaigning candidates who support one of her biggest advocacies, which is women’s rights.

That, however, does not mean that Chelsea Handler will no longer be making entertainment-related projects.

As part of her deal with Netflix, she promised that a documentary will be coming on the streaming platform. She thanked Netflix for being understanding of her decision.

She credits the election of Donald Trump as having changed her outlook on life. The tone of the second season of her talk show marked a big shift from the format she had in her first season.

Resistance to Trump

It can be recalled that Chelsea Handler was one of the most vocal critics of President Donald Trump during his campaign. She welcomed Democratic Party officials and politicians and activists into her show in the past few months.

When Trump was elected, she decided to forego her decision to transfer to the house she bought in Spain as she felt that she needed to use her platform to aid the resistance against the newly elected president.

She also vowed to continue fighting to support the ideals of Trump’s nemesis, Hillary Clinton.

While there will be no more “Chelsea” season 3, there will still be new episodes of the global talk show until the end of the year.