Kailyn Lowry recently told fans via an interview at "Radar Online" that she and ex Chris Lopez were not together, but also not together. She also stated that things seemed to be going well between the pair, despite the fact that she had to name their son because he was dragging his feet when it came to deciding on a name. But by most accounts, things are going well between the pair, even though it seems Kail has moved on to dating a new man, her friend Dionisio. While Kail has painted a pretty rosy picture of the co-parenting life, it seems that Chris doesn't totally agree with her, and is pretty upset by his baby mama's recent actions.

'Let me see my son!'

Chris Lopez recently posted on Instagram a photo of himself burning a book, saying "I guess this is the new chapter." Although this seemed to mean nothing at first, fans were quick to point out that he was burning his baby mama's book, "Hustle and Heart."

Chris later put rap lyrics on his Instagram by a man named Don Tripp. They stated, "No pity for a G, even though I got a son that I barely get to see/I see him for a hour, after that he gotta leave/on top of that, I only get to see him once a week."

Although Kailyn Lowry has yet to confirm what this might mean, it seems as though things aren't going so well between the two. It was recently rumored that Chris' mother was going to attempt to get custody of Lux because she found she didn't "agree" with Kail's lifestyle of having three children by three different men.

However, due to the fact that Kail can't be proven as an unfit mother, it doesn't seem as though the family will go forward to fight for full custody of young Lux.

Kail is moving on

There was once a point in Kailyn Lowry's life when she would have wanted to make things work with ex, Chris Lopez, but it seems the "Teen Mom 2" star is simply ready to move on.

She is currently working on penning a book with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, called "He Said, She Said," discussing the breakdown of their marriage from both parties' perspectives. It is also rumored that she is currently dating her neighbor, though she has not yet confirmed this. She has been linked to a number of men and women since her split with

She has been linked to a number of men and women since her split with Chris and has even stated that a woman named Dom is her girlfriend.

However, her neighbor, Dionisio recently told media outlets that he is hoping that the pair will eventually become a thing, so it looks pretty promising for Kail that she is moving on with a new man.