Rihanna may have found love in Chris Brown, but their relationship did not get a fairytale ending they both hoped for. In fact, the former couple did not have an amicable breakup after an intense argument that led to the physical altercation in 2009.

Shocking photos of Rihanna with black eyes and busted lips quickly spread like wildfire after the news came out. Chris Brown, on the other hand, voluntarily turned himself in and was charged with felony battery. Since then, the ex-lovers have not been in good terms although there were rumors of a possible reconciliation.

Chris Brown wants a closure with Rihanna

Seven years since the physical assault took place, the "Look At Me Now" rapper is reportedly hoping to put the past behind and start anew with the "Umbrella" singer. He is also hopeful that his former girlfriend will have the time to watch his newest documentary and realize how he has changed since the incident.

"Chris [Brown] knows Rihanna may not come running back into his arms after seeing the film," a Hollywood Life source said. "But he hopes that after watching it, she can begin to have more closure on that phase of their life and maybe create new, healthier memories together."

In the said film, titled "Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life," the rapper discussed the incident that caused his split with the singer.

He even described Rihanna's condition at that time as "bloodied" and recounted what happened during the altercation.

Chris Brown guaranteed that he had become a better person since the controversial episode with Rihanna. Hence, the "Don't Judge Me" artist would like his ex-girlfriend to see how the incident has taught him to become more mature.

Rihanna moves on from failed romance with Chris Brown

Rumor has it that the rapper is still hoping to reunite with the Barbados Babe despite what happened between them in the past. It was reported that Chris Brown has been asking some friends if they think Rihanna would still take him back at some point.

Meanwhile, the "Only Girl" singer is happily dating her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, after the horror she went through in the hands of Chris Brown.

The new couple has been making no effort to hide their romance from the public eye although both of them have remained tight-lipped on their relationship.

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel were recently spotted enjoying a romantic dinner date in London after several months of keeping a low-key relationship.