Hey there, "Outlander" fans! We might see another hottie on the upcoming Season 3 of the Starz series.

David Berry joins the cast

In the latest "Outlander" Season 3 updates, the show teased the appearance of the new Lord John Grey. The first look photo featured a matured version of the pivotal character in the TV adaptation.

Child actor Oscar Kennedy took the role of a younger John Grey in the second season and appeared in the "Je Suis Prest." The young Lord met Jamie (Sam Heughan) during the time he thought that Claire (Caitriona Balfe) was one of his captives.

Without knowing the truth, he ended up sharing information about his own troops.

The "Voyager" season will introduce an update about the two guys ten years later. It seems like they will have their roles reversed as John will now be the governor of a prison where Jamie is held.

Meet Lord John Grey

Last August, EW reported on David Berry and his new role. The Australian actor who starred in "A Place Like Home" will now join the group as one of new cast members.

STARZ described John Grey was an epitome of a "consummate gentleman" with his boyish looks and an upper-class position in the society. Due to his honorable loyalty, he might have a problem in choosing between his family and justice.

John will meet Jamie again after the Battle of Culloden and they will strike a surprising friendship despite their past history.

The official description says a scandalous event will lead to his demotion as a British soldier into the head of the Ardsmuir Prison.

Author Diana Gabaldon introduced John as a closeted gay man later in the books. According to her, John lived in a time when homosexuality is a taboo topic.

John Grey's sexual preference might become a problem due to his upbringing and position in the troops.

As a character who has a complicated private life, "Lord John has more than most to lose by discovery,"

Will there be an 'Outlander' spin-off?

Gabaldon considered John a "mushroom" who can pop out in any scene and she had a blast writing a fantastic and witty character just like him. She then wrote several stories such as "The Scottish Prisoner" which featured him as a lead character.

Fans wanted to know if they will see some John Grey elements in the future season. There were even speculations on a possible "Outlander" spin-off. However, showrunner Ronald B. Moore vaguely delved on the topic last year.

Moore said that they will just heavily deal with the events of "Voyager." He added, “We’re not averse to it. We just aren’t really bringing in the other novels at this point.”

What do you think about new cast member David Berry and his Lord John Grey role? "Outlander" Season 3 premieres on Sept. 10, 2017, on Starz.