Katie Price is apparently experiencing a change of heart. The celebrity was spotted with husband, Keiran Hayler at a nightclub on Friday. The couple was careful about not being photographed together. Both, however, attended the same Halloween-themed “Shocktober” event at the Sussex nightclub. Katie Price was looking absolutely stunning, a report by The Sun. The reality TV star wore an off-the-shoulder completely black-colored playsuit. She complimented this look with knee-high black boots. To top it all off, she decided to pair the outfit up with a leather belt.

Kieran, on the other hand, wore a rather simple look. He teamed up his black trousers with a ribbed jumper.

What led to suspicions is that Kieran has been hiding his way from photographers to stay in the same company as Katie at the event. Katie Price, on the other hand, was accompanied by her children – Junior who is 12-years-old and Princess, who is 10-years-old. The Sun report further claimed that the duo was spotted at the VIP event directly from Katie’s farmhouse. The event was held at Tulleys Farm, which is pretty close by from Katie’s farmhouse.

What reports have to say?

According to another report by OK!, a witness to the event said that Katie seemed happy to get pictures clicked with her children.

Even Kieran looked delighted by the fact that her wife and children were at the event, the onlooker further revealed. This is not the first time that rumors about Katie Price planning to reconcile with husband, Kieran has surfaced online. They have sparked speculations about their plans on rekindling their romance on many occasions.

The Sun reported in August that Keiran had stated that he is still sleeping in the same bed as Katie.

Katie Price and Keiran's relationship

Katie decided to split from her Keiran early last month when she discovered that he was cheating on her with their nanny, Nikki Brown. After that fiasco wrapped up, Kieran has accompanied Katie on many public events.

One of them was when Katie’s close-friend, Jo Mansel was celebrating her birthday. Another one was in Swindon last month. Katie has also revealed that she and Keiran are going to undergo therapy for their sex addiction. Kieran has cheated on her before as well. Last time this took place was back in 2014 when he slept with Katie’s best friend, Jane Pountney. Kieran in his defense has said that he is keeping a self-improvement journal. According to him, he is going to use it to make himself a better person.