Celebrity Chef Paulie Giganti of "Hell's Kitchen" was found dead in his home this morning. The cause of his death is not yet determined as of this moment.

Giganti's time of death is 8:55 a.m. on April 20 as confirmed by Medical Examiners. His body was found lifeless in his Philadelphia home. The police were at the scene to examine the chef's body and to find out the reason for his demise. According to reports, officers refused to comment if there was foul play or trauma since it is too early to tell.

Giganti's Hell's Kitchen journey

The 36-year-old chef runs the Birra Restaurant in Philadelphia.

He also competed on the show back in 2016. Although he wasn't trained as a chef, Giganti managed to learn cooking on his own. Before competing in the show, he revealed that he is self-taught which is quite impressive.

He joined season 16 of "Hell's Kitchen" hosted by Gordon Ramsay. The season aired from September 2016 to February 2017 where he managed to get to the top five. But in episode 14 which aired on January 19, Giganti was eliminated. His signature dish during the show is Biscotti-Encrusted Scallops over a Crispy Polenta with a Basil Curry Cream Sauce.

Giganti's passion for cooking

Giganti went to school for engineering since he wants to be an engineer, but it appears that he has more passion for cooking that in engineering.

He started working in a restaurant during his college years, and the chef encouraged him to cook after noting that he had a little talent for it.

During that time, Giganti was in trouble, and the chef told him that instead of running and getting jailed, he better do something that will help him always to get a job. With that, the chef showed him some things, and he continued working diligently.

From then on, Giganti loved doing his job and enjoyed cooking so much.

Another chef from the show who died

Giganti isn't the only chef from the show that died. In 2010, chef Joseph Cerniglia was also found dead after committing suicide. It is noted that Ramsay commented about the restaurant of Cerniglia which was "about to be swimming." But according to Cerniglia's family, Ramsay's comment about the poorly run restaurant isn't the reason for Cerniglia's suicide.

They also added that they loved Ramsay.

Cerniglia jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge between New York and New Jersey. During the time when his restaurant was featured in "Hell's Kitchen," he has more than $80,000 in debt.