You have to admit, Harvey Weinstein has either got a lot of cajones, or he is seriously in the denial stage of what has happened to him. Multiple news sources, including Hot Air, is reporting that Weinstein is going to dispute his firing from the Weinstein Company. He intends to claim that he followed the terms of his contract in that he paid the legal costs and the “fine” for each of the settlements for his various instances of sexual misconduct under the so-called “prey for pay” clause. In any case, Weinstein also intends to claim that he has not been accused of sexual harassment since he signed his current contract in October 2015.

However, even if in the strict legal sense Weinstein has a case, he is not going to get his career back, Besides the fact that no one in the entertainment industry will want to deal with him, two reasons exist that suggest the Weinstein’s reign of terror is over,

The Weinstein Company is on the brink

While Bob Weinstein, Harvey’s brother and the effective sole chairman of the company, is putting a brave face on the matter, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the firm that the two brothers founded is either up for sale or, failing that, may shut down. In the shutdown scenario, its assets such as its library of movies and TV shows will be sold in pieces. Another idea is a breakup in which the company will be divided into three, the film, the television, and the library of old titles would be sold off separately.

In any case, the upshot is that Harvey Weinstein will not have a company to go back to.

Law enforcement is investigating Weinstein

The revelations brought on by the New York Times and the New Yorker have sparked investigations by the New York Police Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI, and Scotland Yard. Weinstein is now in serious legal jeopardy because there is no statute of limitations on sexual assault charges in New York or Great Britain.

Under the contract, all it takes is a criminal indictment and not a conviction for the company to have just cause to terminate Weinstein’s services.

Weinstein’s state of denial

Weinstein’s denial of what is happening to him is understandable. Hollywood enabled his behavior for decades, with a wink and a nod. So long as he was not charged with a criminal act, so long as he made the payouts Weinstein could pretty much do whatever he wanted to anyone.

Beautiful young women were there for his pleasure, to use and humiliate as he willed. Now all of that is being taken away from him. It must be very confusing to find out that, in the end, all of his old friends have turned on him for things that they allowed him to do for so long.