"Flatliners," a movie released on September 29, follows the lives of five medical students who embark on a dangerous journey to discover the afterlife, but it all starts with one student in particular. A young woman named Courtney, played by Ellen Page, seeks to learn more about what happens after someone dies, a fascination that is brought on by the memories of a car accident that killed her younger sister. She asks a fellow student at the hospital, Jamie, played by James Norton, to stop her heart and bring her back to life after she's been dead for sixty seconds, which requires the help of Ray, played by Diego Luna, and Sophia, played by Kiersey Clemons.

Then, what starts off as nothing more than a curious experiment quickly turns into a dangerous game when Jamie, Sophia, and Marlo, played by Nina Dobrev, also flatline.

At first, they're invincible

What draws the rest of them to follow in Courtney's footsteps is their belief that her brain has been rewired to remember everything and to experience life to the fullest. While their invincibility lasts for a little while, and they enjoy their newfound abilities, the four students come to discover that the side effects of their flatlines have come back to haunt them. For each student, the haunting is different, though it stems from their guilty consciences. Courtney feels guilty for the car accident that killed her sister, while Jaime feels guilty for abandoning a young woman he impregnated.

Sophia feels guilty for sending nude photos of a high school classmate around their school, and Marlo feels guilty for changing an autopsy report to hide a mistake that she made which resulted in a patient's death. The hauntings eventually result in Courtney's death, which causes the remaining four to realize just how dangerous these side effects can be.

Ultimately, they must take charge of their guilty consciences by owning up to their mistakes and apologizing for what they've done. Once they do this, the hauntings stop, and life goes on as normal.

What does this film mean?

While the elements of the film may not necessarily be realistic, the idea of flatlining is interesting in and of itself.

Many people wonder what happens to us after we die, and the afterlife is something that we know nothing about, yet we hear stories all of the time about people who have died and have come back to life. Therefore, this story makes a good film, and it makes the audience wonder as well. It leaves a lasting impression on those who watch the movie, and it really does beg the question, "What does happen to you after you die?" We may never know, but movies like "Flatliners" allow us to explore the possibilities, which is a rather interesting concept on its own. All in all, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is transfixed by the idea of the afterlife. This sci-fi horror film is a must see!