ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" has been a venue for celebrities and pros to showcase their dance moves for more than a decade now. But, more than the exhibition of talent, the show has also served as a bridge for some cast members to find their one true love through the program.

Elena Samodanova was a judge on the Russian counterpart of "Dancing with the Stars" when she first met Gleb Savchenko over a decade ago. Since then, the pair developed a special connection on and off the dance floor, which eventually led to marriage.

Inside Gleb and Elena's relationship

The couple was blessed with their first child, Olivia, in 2011 and it was not until this year that they welcomed a new addition to their growing family, Zlata, born in August. Gleb Savchenko recounted the arrival of his second daughter and said that he was on the road for the summer special of "Dancing with the Stars" when his wife called and told him she was in labor.

Without any second thoughts, the pro hopped on a plane for a 20-hour flight to Australia, where Elena Samodanova gave birth to their second daughter. "The moment I landed, I just went straight into the hospital," he told ET in an interview.

Gleb Savchenko admitted that he broke down in tears when he saw his wife and their little daughter at the hospital.

He said the moment was "so good" and "amazing" that he could not help but feel emotional.

Elena Samodanova, on the other hand, said their second child looked like a "little cucumber" when she was born. "She was, like, little, tiny. And she was sleeping. It was so cute," she recalled.

Life behind 'DWTS' spotlight

When asked about the key to their stronger-than-ever marriage, the "Dancing with the Stars" pro proudly said that they have learned how to separate their professional and personal lives in order to perform their duties at home as husband, wife, and parents to their two kids.

Gleb Savchenko could also say that this effort has been successful so far. Aside from this, the pair also considered their trust for each other an important factor in making their relationship work. In fact, Elena Samodanova does not mind whenever her husband shows off his oozing sex appeal and impeccable abs on the dance program.

She explained that the gesture only makes her proud to have such a good looking and hot partner. The "Dancing with the Stars" judge also revealed her participation in Gleb Savchenko's sexy photo shoot for his underwear line that comes with a yearly calendar. The pro personally posed for the calendar photos to promote his products.