Dorinda Medley may be very protective of her friend, Luann D'Agostino, and her relationship with Thomas. Dorinda was the one who introduced them last year when Luann fell completely in love with Thomas. Medley had never expected Thomas to cheat on Luann, so when D'Agostino decided to stick with her man and work things out, Medley was very protective of their relationship.

She was also very supportive of her friend’s decision to stay in the relationship and work things out prior to the wedding. Throughout the season of “The Real Housewives of New York,” Dorinda Medley has faced some criticism from her friends and co-stars for sticking up for Luann.

Many of them are seeing red flags in regards to her relationship with Thomas, but Dorinda is more than willing to stick up for her friend.

She is reality television gold

Of course, Dorinda Medley is a very supportive friend, but she's also hilarious to watch on “The Real Housewives of New York.” Her role on the show involves much more than just standing up for D’Agostino. Over the years, Dorinda Medley has provided fans and viewers with some hilarious one-liners and she is truly the epitome of a housewife who does not carry her alcohol very well.

She has provided fans with some hilarious statements that have been repeated again and again. In order to capitalize on this, Dorinda Medley has now revealed that she has launched a collection with some of her best sayings from “The Real Housewives of New York.” Now fans can shop the Dorinda Medley collection on a website called the VIP Swag.

On this site, fans can find mugs, bags, T-shirts and other merchandise with her sayings.

Fans to buy her merchandise?

These sayings include her “Clip, Clip, Clip,” comeback, her "I'll tell you how I'm doing… Not well bitch" from this season, and her "I cooked, I decorated, I made it nice" from last year. These are some of the random things that Medley has said over the past year.

Now, fans can now bring them home. She follows in the footsteps of Luann D’Agostino, who has also created her own line of merchandise on this website. Her merchandise includes her “Money can't buy you class” saying.

While Luann’s sayings are indeed something that brought up several times throughout the show, Dorinda Medley’s sayings are truly hilarious and fans should be very excited that they get to bring them home.

Of course, several of her housewife friends have created merchandise as well, including Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny was one of the first ones to create her "Get Off My Jock" merchandise which launched last year. Of course, Frankel is not selling her merchandise through this particular site, as she launched hers long before her other housewives did. But that doesn't make the Medley’s merchandise any less hilarious.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley launching these products, including her latest "Clip, Clip, Clip" saying? Do you think she will find success in selling the merchandise?