"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that while there is some serious drama going on with Paul and Sonny thanks to Ben showing up at their wedding and announcing that Sonny's first husband, Will Horton, was still alive, other drama will also be high in Salem. One of the other storylines featured in the upcoming episodes will be the plot of Salem's new police commissioner.

Abe chooses the new Salem P.D. boss

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news, Abe Carver will choose the next Police Commissioner, and it will likely cause some problems for Hope and Rafe.

As many "DOOL" fans know, both Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez are up for the job, and although they have agreed not to let if impact their personal relationship, the couple likely have some rocky Days ahead of them when Abe announces that Hope will be the one getting the job.

Hope and Rafe will struggle

Of course, Hope Brady has been a police officer in Salem much longer than Rafe has. However, she's also had her share of drama. Most recently she was fired and in prison for the murder of Stefano DiMera. However, her friends got her out of that sticky situation and she was able to rejoin the police force. Now that Commissioner Raines has been arrested for working with Dario Hernandez during his counterfeit operation, it looks like there will be a new sheriff in town, and it's going to be Hope.

Hope has to make a tough decision

"Days Of Our Lives" viewers will see Hope Brady be right in the thick of things as soon as she takes the job. Not only will it most likely put a bit of a strain on her personal relationship with fiance, Rafe Hernandez, due to the fact that she beat him out for the job and will now be his boss, but she'll be forced to make some other difficult decisions.

When JJ Deveraux crosses the line with Ben Weston after he's brought into custody and questioned about Will's death, Hope will have no other choice but to suspend JJ from the Salem police force. JJ's girlfriend, Lani, a fellow police officer will also have something to say about Hope's ruling. Lani and Hope will get into an argument about just how long JJ will be suspended, and things will definitely heat up at the Salem P.D.

Is a break up in the works?

Hope's new job will also likely be more demanding, and that could be another issue in her romance with Rafe. How will the fan favorite "Days of our Lives" couple ever find time to plan their wedding now that Hope will have so much more professional responsibility? It seems that Rafe may grow impatient waiting for Hope to be more present in their relationship, and it could lead to some huge twists and turns for the couple in the future.