It is still a big mystery whether Boba Fett really died while being eaten by Sarlacc Pitt in “Return of the Jedi” after his battle with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) on the Great Pit of Carkoon. It has been long debated if the bounty hunter survived the ordeal and what actually happened to him.

According to Inverse, the writers and followers of the “Star Wars” comic book and novels are claiming that Jango’s son is alive. In fact, some say that it will be proven true in the coming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Will Fett make a return?

A Reddit user even revealed some leaks for the upcoming 2018 Star Wars toy collection featuring Boba Fett flying out of the Sarlacc Pit.

The bounty hunter is reportedly shooting his flamethrower at the dangerous and carnivorous creature. However, fans can only take this assumption with a grain of salt as nothing proven yet. However, it is a big question why of all of the movie franchise's famous characters, the plaything is inspired by Fett? Will he be seen in the coming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi?”

Fett’s survival

Boba Fett existed even before Lucasfilm created the new “Star Wars” canon.

In the comic book series titled “Dark Empire,” it was revealed that Fett is actually alive and stayed to be the Bounty Hunter for six years after the Battle of Endor. He is looking for Han Solo and Leia Organa to make them pay for what they did to Jabba the Hutt.

Even the other novels and comics of the franchise’s expanded universe claim that he is alive.

However, the “Dark Empire” and other stories from the 90s have been removed in the new canon the series has been creating. But, it can’t still be ruled out that Fett has survived the Sarlacc Pitt and is about to make his way to return.

A new standalone movie

In the new “Star Wars” book, “A Certain Point of View,” a new story featuring Boba Fett called “Added Muscle” was revealed.

In the audiobook version, Fett was voiced by Jon Hamm. This might mean that Disney is planning to produce a Boba Fett standalone film that will be played by the 46-year-old “Mad Men” actor.

If this is true, then some are now wondering if it is going to take place before or after the “Return of the Jedi” happened. Also, fans are questioning if he is still alive when “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi” takes place.

If he makes it in the two movies from the sequel trilogy, then Fett might be the same age as Han Solo. It is also possible that he has met Supreme Leader Snoke. If this happens, then it is not far off that the First Order’s leader will hire his service and ask him to take Luke Skywalker down. Will Fett and Skywalker meet again?