A lot of fans love Beyonce, not just for her good voice and personality, but also because of her enviable perfect body. Even though she now has two kids, Blue Ivy (5) and, Sir and Rumi (4-month twins), she manages to maintain her slinky figure.

Some wonder how does Queen Bee handle to retain her shape in spite of her busy schedule doing businesses, performances, and being a mom. So, the celebrity trainer for the stars Mark Jenkins revealed the secret behind her stature.

Making the waistline looks smaller

In an interview with "This Is Insider," Mark Jenkins, who recently partnered with the Burner Fitness app, unveiled that Beyonce’s beautiful figure doesn’t really need a lot of abdominal work.

The celebrity trainer said that the best way to have the Hourglass Shape is to “strengthen, widen, and define,” the shoulders and the back. He explained that if he’s going to select the perfect move for Jay-Z's wife, it would be an exercise for her shoulders. This is because no kind of exercise can handle both the hips and the bottom.

He said that if he is going to round off the "Halo" hitmaker's shoulders, then everything will look smaller when she is on stage. He explained that having broad shoulders create an hourglass shape that also helps to balance the woman’s upper body from the bottom.

Jenkins also explained that he often tells women that the hips and the bottom are not going anywhere, and the waist is always as it is because of the bone structure.

So, if the lady is going to round her shoulders off and bring out the large muscles down the back, then the waist will look smaller. This will be even more visible if the woman loses some of her body fat.

Working on one’s back and shoulders

Working on lats or latissimus dorsi, the muscles at the back and shoulder under the armpits and the middle deltoids, Mark Jenkins advises the women to do dumbbell pullovers.

This will give the trainee a “good stretch and definition.” However, although he has a lot of “go-to moves” that he can share, the exercise always depends on the client’s body type. “So, it’s very individual,” he said

If the dumbbell pullovers don’t work well, then there are a lot of exercises that could work out on one’s body.

He then suggested that the major way to create and obtain Beyonce’s hourglass shape is to put balance to one’s stature. So, the women who want to have the hitmaker’s body should consider their own body before hitting the gym for back and shoulder exercises.