Becky G is a rising singer and actor who recently starred in the remake of the "power rangers." The singer is currently on tour with "Fifth Harmony" and was involved in a situation with the band's security. It appears that Becky G was not recognized by the security team and in a case of mistaken identity received some rough treatment as she tried to help one of the "Fifth Harmony" girls who was performing on stage.

The actor was grabbed by security

According to People Magazine, singer and actor Becky G was recently at a "Fifth Harmony" concert. The actor is good friends with the girls and noticed that Dinah Jane Hansen's backside was exposed due to a wardrobe malfunction.

Becky rushed on the stage with a flag to try to help her friend out when she was mistaken by security as a crazed fan.

Becky G has released a statement claiming that she managed to reach Dinah before she was grabbed by security. The actor stated that she tried to explain to security that she was simply trying to help. Becky G was grabbed roughly by the security team but laughed it off with good humor.

In a report by Chron, fans later tweeted Becky G asking if she was okay after the incident happened. She stated that her arm hurt a bit from being pulled but other than that the actor has an extremely humored outlook on the situation. According to J-14, Becky G tweeted out about the incident and expressed her love to the members of "Fifth Harmony."

Brooke's came to her rescue

According to People Magazine, fellow "Fifth Harmony" member Ally Brookes noticed what was happening with Becky G and came to her rescue.

Ally rushed over and grabbed Becky G's hand causing the security member to release her. Ally then announced Becky G to the audience who cheered loudly for the "Power Rangers" star.

This enabled Becky to help Dinah out with her wardrobe malfunction thus saving the star from any further embarrassment. Becky remained on stage with the girls for the rest of the song.

Becky G is currently touring with the band and is starring as their opening act. However, she was not recognized by security as she was dressed in casual clothes.

People Magazine reported that Dinah tweeted about the incident as well. She thanked Becky G for rushing out to help her and expressed her love for the fellow singer.

There has also been a statement released from the band's security about the incident. It is clear that they were simply performing their job at the time of the mixup.

It appears that there are no hard feelings from Becky G's end towards being grabbed on stage. The singer shared the situation in a humorous light online and the girls of "Fifth Harmony" have also joked about it.