Former “Bachelorette” star Kaitlyn Bristowe is tackling a new project and this is a big and exciting one. She is headed to Broadway and "Bachelor Nation" fans are anxious to hear more about what this reality television star has been up to lately. Is Kaitlyn still engaged to Shawn Booth and are they planning a wedding yet?

Bristowe will be in New York as part of a new Broadway show

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kaitlyn Bristowe will be joining a holiday Broadway show titled “Home for the Holidays” this winter. It will be done at the August Wilson Theatre and will have show dates available throughout November and December.

The Bachelorette fans will remember that Bristowe has plenty of singing and dancing experience from her days prior to the show. In addition, since moving to Nashville to be with fiance Shawn Booth, she's put quite a bit more time and energy into her passion for singing.

Kaitlyn will be hosting “Home for the Holidays” on Broadway and she'll also sing in a few numbers. The show features other reality television personalities along with some YouTube stars, as People shares that Candice Glover from “American Idol,” Bianca Ryan from “America's Got Talent,” and Josh Kaufman of “The Voice” will be part of the cast.

Fans of Bristowe's "Off the Vine" podcast will also have the opportunity to hear Kaitlyn do a live broadcast with some special guests during her time in New York.

Bristowe's beau Booth will be by his love's side

This stage show was originally slated to be done in Las Vegas, but it was moved to New York and the “Bachelorette” star says that she's excited to live in the Big Apple for a bit.

What does this all mean for her relationship with Shawn Booth? The two are still together, and while he says he's not a big city guy, he supports Bristowe and is very proud of her.

Of course, “Bachelorette” fans are anxious to hear news about a wedding date for Kaitlyn and Shawn. They have been engaged for more than two years now, but they remain casual about tying the knot.

There is no date set or even real plans in place at this point, but Bristowe says that she'd marry Booth tomorrow if someone else planned it all for them and told her when to show up.

Will this opportunity to perform on Broadway lead to other entertainment gigs for the former “Bachelorette” star? Kaitlyn Bristowe certainly sounds open to the idea, and fiance Shawn Booth seems anxious to support his love as she pursues her dreams. "Bachelor Nation" fans love to see that Kaitlyn and Shawn are still together and doing well, but they are hoping that a wedding comes together sometime soon.