The latest Chapter of the popular manga series, “Attack On Titan,” otherwise referred to as “Shingeki no Kyojin,” was just released. The new chapter reveals huge development in the ongoing Marley Arc especially to whatever the Tyburs are planning to do to attain the peace they seek.

The Marley Arc kicked off several months ago since the manga series only releases one chapter a month. The current story arc follows Reiner Braun’s life back in Marley after almost four years since he barely escaped Paradis Island.

Reiner’s past as well as the other sides of the several incidents in Paradis Island were finally revealed and thoroughly explained.

However, the biggest reveal in the Marley Arc is the existence of the Tybur Family, who are in possession of a ninth Titan Shifter.

Who are the Tyburs?

The Tybur Family was mentioned in the previous chapters of the manga series with Marley officials referring to them as a force to be reckoned with especially since it has been recently revealed that they’re the true rulers of Marley. The family, though feared by many, is also highly respected because they were the first family to go up against King Fritz, the monarch who had the powers of the Founding Titan that build the walled city in Paradis Island.

In “Attack on Titan” chapter 98, Hajime Isayama finally introduced some of the members of the Tybur Family that consisted of several generations.

Willy Tybur was also finally introduced in the latest chapter and he revealed that he is currently in possession of the powers of the War Hammer Titan.

The manga has yet to reveal the powers of the War Hammer Titan. Willy is also an Eldian, but unlike his fellow Eldians, he's adored by others and even people who looked down on the rest of the Eldians because of his noble lineage and his influence in the society.

What is Willy Tybur up to?

In “Attack on Titan” chapter 98, Willy met up with Theo Magath and convinced the latter to work with him. Apparently, Willy has decided to reveal his family’s secrets to the world.

Willy has ordered that a festival should be set up in the ghetto, where the shunned Eldians reside and invited several world leaders to witness the revelation.

He wanted to reveal his family’s secret because he claimed that he finally found the perfect solution to appease the world’s hatred for the Eldians.

His big reveal has yet to be featured in the upcoming chapters of “Attack on Titan” and fans are speculating that it won’t be something good. Willy may be seen as a calm and wise ruler but he exudes a sinister vibe, hinting that whatever he’s planning for the Eldians might not end well for the anyone other than his family.