There has been news that the upcoming Aquaman movie will not be connected to all the other DC movies. Learn more about this detail about Jason Momoa's standalone film and get to know some inside details from Willem Dafoe, who just wrapped filming and recently spoke about his experience on set.

The anticipated Aquaman movie starring Momoa has been creating some buzz. According to Comic Book, DC is set on highlighting standalone films like "Wonder Woman" and will now be coming out with titles that are less dependent on the universe.

'Aquaman' standalone not connected to other DC films

Geoff Johns, DC's creative chief officer, confirmed in an interview with Vulture that "Aquaman" will not be connected to every movie. This is in line with other films, which have characters that are not linked to each other, like "Justice League."

On the other hand, Diane Nelson, DC Entertainment president said that this is not intended to ignore continuity, but is more of allowing the directors to have more control over the solo films. One of whom is James Wan ("Insidious," "Saw," "Conjuring"), who was vocal about the movie being something like "Star Wars underwater." Nelson added that DC also has plans to come up with separate films that have their own distinct stories, separately far from the universe.

Willem Dafoe wraps 'Aquaman' filming

Meanwhile, one of the movie's cast members, Willem Dafoe, recently wrapped filming and shared some details about it. Per Screen Rant, the actor described his "Aquaman" experience as "great fun."

It is known that the film will finish shooting by the end of September, as was brought about a previous schedule change.

Dafoe has played villain roles, like the Green Goblin in the "Spider-Man" franchise.

Dafoe will be playing the role of Vulko, a Vulcan scientific genius in "Aquaman" and "Justice League." He also mentioned that he has started with promotional work for Sean Baker’s "The Florida Project."

Back in August, Dafoe had nothing but praises for the Wan-helmed movie, especially the director's enthusiasm and called him gifted.

He even compared Wan to Sam Raimi, who was his previous director in "Spider-Man."

Fans are highly anticipating the new offering from DC - with Wan's keenness and Dafoe's satisfaction from filming; it could be indeed something to look forward to. Aside from Momoa and Dafoe, the movie also stars Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Ludi Lin, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen.

What's your take on the whole independent style that DC has been starting with its movies? Catch "Aquaman" when it comes out in theaters next year.