Agents of SHIELDSeason 5 will reportedly take a familiar direction this upcoming season. The set up will be similar to the fourth season having three arcs. Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb revealed the reason why they decided to take this step.

It can be recalled that Season 4 episodes were split into three distinct stories. The first one was the introduction of Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider. The second was the story of Life Model Decoys (LMD), where viewers have seen AIDA being developed. And last but not the least is the intense events inside the “Framework.”

Multiple Arcs in Season 5

According to Cinema Blend, Jeph Loeb explained, “It came out of the necessity of the fact that ABC runs the shows and then needs to take breaks to have specials.” There’s no denying that a network like ABC needs to cover Holiday events, Olympics special, or anything in particular.

Loeb pointed out that instead of not being on air for three to four episodes, they would rather create the series in “bites.”

Therefore, the first bite in Season 5 will be the first ten episodes. Talking about the first bite, the fourth season ended with Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) in outer space. Viewers can expect this mysterious transition to be immediately addressed. There are no confirmed details about the next arc that they will be covering soon.

Screen Rant reported that “Agents of SHIELD” Season 5 will be released in December. The new season is set to explore the cosmic side of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meanwhile, New York Comic-Con gave fans the chance to know more about the upcoming season.

Thanks to this event, new footages were shown from the fifth season. One of the most significant surprises are the cosmic and alien entities. According to Screen Rant, these are the factors that will bring great influence to the show.

What to expect in Season 5

Aliens, like Kree and Inhumans, were already seen in the previous seasons.

Despite this, it seems like the series will show us in-depth stories about the topic. Actually, natives of planet Hala called “Kree” will be returning in be coming back to the series as well.

Moreover, “Agents of SHIELD” Season 5 was a bit delayed as “Inhumans” TV series started airing in September. When it airs, the series will still take the same timeslot on Tuesday nights. The ABC series was almost axed from the network but the three earlier mentioned pods in Season 4 undeniably helped the series to be picked up.