On 90 Day Fiance,” Annie’s family gave David quite a hero’s welcome, which brought the couple to tears of joy. However, Annie’s family expects something big in return. David just does not have it.

David went to Thailand to fetch his bride, but he might not be able to return home just yet. His soon-to-be in-laws want a sizable dowry from him. Because he is a foreigner, they expect him to give them up to 3 million baht or around $90,000.

Annie’s parents wanted more than he could afford

What David can give only amounts to $1,500. They would accept $1,500 for now, but they asked him $15,000 and two water buffalos.

David and Annie went to the market to shop for buffalos. They found out each costs about $2,500, but they were able to find a cheaper one at $1,500. The 48-year-old American bought it with his last money, which was meant for his return ticket to America.

Elsewhere on season 5 episode 4

Meanwhile, Nicole and Azan argued over their parenting style and Nicole’s weight loss plans. Nicole told Azan they should discuss things that concern May instead of Azan making decisions by himself. But Azan started to criticize Nicole because she should be feeding her daughter healthy food instead of letting her eat French fries. This then led to Nicole’s promise to change her lifestyle and lose weight. She started exercising, but she failed to stay committed to it.

David and Evelyn got into their first argument on “90 Day Fiance.” Evelyn gave David a tour of Claremont, which made him realize this is not the place he would want to live in. However, Evelyn does not want to leave Claremont. Evelyn also brought up her friend Mikayla’s reservation against David, which the latter shrugged off as just ridiculous.

Mikayla thinks Evelyn is rushing to get married and it would be the biggest mistake of her life. The conversation then went on to how Evelyn wants his friends from Spain to wear tuxedos, which led to their first argument.

Meanwhile, Molly’s daughter does not seem to like Luis. When he came over, he told Molly that he’s looking forward to meeting her daughter because he never had a daughter before.

Olivia was reluctant to talk to Luis, and the following morning, she did not show up for breakfast.

Andrei, on one hand, is having problems with his K1 visa. When Elizabeth checked it out, it turned out that Andrei once overstayed in the United States on a tourist visa. She then prepares to fly to Dublin, but it is not certain Andrei will be able to secure a visa and travel to the US.