Whether it's provoking war with China, sick, sexist behavior, or heartless comments to grieving military widows, POTUS Donald Trump has presented a rather heinous impression to the country. Rumors are circulating surrounding the terms ''impeachment'' and ''criminal charges'' relating to Trump and associated members of his administration. So far over 1.1 million Americans have already signed the online viral petition initiated by Tom Steyer calling for Trump's impeachment. The petition is not the first of its kind, but currently leads as the only officially sponsored campaign in the quest to remove Trump from office.

Democratic Rep. Green

The first mention of impeachment came a few months back from Democratic Representative Al Green of Texas. Green's determination of intent was made clear in what became a viral video where he is seen declaring before the house committee, that President Trump ''must'' be impeached.

His speech, intended to motivate congress to action, was emotionally stringent and empowering as it came amid the rise of controversy surrounding Trump's response to the NFL movement of kneeling for justice.

Few fellow representatives chimed in to stand behind Green in a show of support. This changed recently when Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal made comments alluding to impeachment in a live interview on "The Bill Pressed" show.

Democrats to act

Rep. Jayapal was adamant that while Trump has overtly committed several ''impeachable violations,'' congress must still employ procedural steps to initiate the process. She went a step further to announce that should Republicans continue to ignore Trump's offenses, the Democratic Party will be moved to act, presenting impeachment articles to congress.

While it is now clear that a great number of Americans agree with Steyer and both Representatives Green and Jayapal, no further action has been formally taken by congress to address the issue.

As it stands, FBI director Mueller may be the country's only source of salvation for any chance of a Trump impeachment. As Mueller's investigation of Trump's alleged ties to Russia commences, condemning testimony is building, while plea deals are being dispersed.

Mueller's investigation

After the FBI determined that Papadopoulos, Trump's prior foreign policy adviser, lied about communications with Russia during the Trump campaign, it appeared that the much needed evidence had finally surfaced. Shortly after, Mueller moved forward serving indictments to Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, both prior members of Trump's administration and campaign.

However, despite these developments and the vocal political efforts of the Democratic representatives, much work has yet to be done. Mueller's investigation is still in its infancy with regard to progress necessary to impeach, though his efforts are ruffling White House feathers.

Only in the coming months will it become truly evident whether or not intentions to impeach are in vain. Between Mueller and the Democratic party, the race is on.