It appears this week that the young aren't so Restless in the series' latest episodes. When teens Mattie, Reed and Charlie ditch their parents to party at The Underground, a terrible fire breaks out, trapping them inside. Mattie's quick thinking helps the trio survive as she uses beer drenched cloths and bottled water to prevent smoke inhalation. Proving to be a natural leader in a crisis, Mattie takes charge until an adamant Billy breaks through the door.

Amidst the chaos of things, Billy somehow gets trapped mid-rescue while the teens escape to safety, leaving him behind in the unsteady, collapsing building.Soon after news spreads of Billy's recklessly heroic actions, Phyllis, Jack, and Victoria miraculously fall into one peaceful accord.

In a touching turn of events, Jack demands to go inside despite all risks, determined to talk to Billy, for what looks be his last chance. Family therapy is in full effect as Billy, finally and woefully, apologizes for his affair with Phyllis. Jack, reflectively responds with reassuring forgiveness, telling Billy he will always be his brother. Fortunately, Billy is rescued just when we think he's bound for the grave. An irritated Victoria thanks Billy for saving Reed's life but wastes no time slapping him before informing him that he's fired.

Mariah confesses to Tessa

It doesn't come easy but at some point, we have all experienced the raw vulnerabilities of unexpected love. In an emotionally raw performance, Mariah experiences a rather relatable identity crisis stemming from the kiss she shared with her brother's girlfriend, Tessa.

Reluctant to open up initially, Mariah reveals to Sharon that she is emotionally torn because she has never felt so deeply for someone. Meanwhile, Sharon's reaction to the news is supportive, though she's full of questions and concern.

"I never wanted this! Feelings are overrated and emotions are messy," Mariah confesses. She expresses the conflicting struggle many have experienced with regard to self-expression and vulnerability, while the worry of rejection trails close behind.

Tessa owns up to the kiss being rather meaningful, though she is in no way ready to further explore it. Mariah is left more broken and confused than ever as she wonder's if Tessa intends to keep playing pretend. "That kiss was wonderful, but it's too complicated. That moment was perfect, but it's passed,'' Tessa declares. Will Tessa's feelings change before it's too late, or will Noah find out the truth first?

All hairspray and nail tips

Although Jordan thinks Hilary is a jealous control freak, she has just gotten started as she demands his respect. Jordan works overtime to break down Hilary's psyche as he dismisses her aims at intimidation. He goes a step too far however when he discredits her t.v. success as merely a ploy used by her husband to avoid her. He then comments on her superficial need to be complimented and adored, ultimately minimizing her to ''hairspray and nail tips." With tensions high, a very pissed Hilary reacts with a martini thrown in Jordan's face. The two angrily part, though this adventure may only be the beginning of their end.

Who will die?

As this veteran show's drama reaches new heights this week, viewers are still left scrambling to find out who is next to die.

Despite Tessa's remarks, only time will tell how Mariah's confession will affect her relationship with Noah. How will Hilary combat Jordan considering his ruthless behavior? More importantly, who set the fire at The Underground? Tune in on CBS next Monday to find out.